Privacy Fence Installation By Fence Contractors You Can Trust

Looking for expertly done privacy fence installation? You are not alone! 

More home and business owners are having privacy fences installed for all the right reasons. A privacy fence installation adds privacy, defines property lines and provides security. It also decorates your front and back yard. However, not all types of fences are created equal. 

The style and material of your privacy fence affect the way it performs in aspects such as privacy, security and fence lifetime. Knowing all your options when it comes to fencing will enable you to make a better selection for the type of fence you end up install in your property.

Privacy and security are the top reasons to have a home or farm fence installed. Keep in mind, however, that creativity and design should also be considered. With all the choices you have available for fencing, no home should sacrifice how it looks on the exterior just to gain some privacy. In other words, there is no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, when it comes to looking great with a privacy fence expertly installed.

Finding a fence for your outdoors should endure pets, insects, inclement weather and complement your unique sense of style. A wood fence offers privacy that leaves you with a feeling of freedom and security. Get in touch with a professional fence installation expert to get updated on the latest fencing trends today. The choices these days seem limitless and you can get great advice on what fence is best for you and your property.


Types of Fences:

There are so many types of fences it can be difficult to find the right one. Your fence contractor can help you figure out which type of fence you want and show you all the different types of fences that you can have installed into your home. 

Remember that the most affordable may not always be the best choice for you. Know your options and realize that in the long run, the most expensive may turn out to be the most practical. Remember, your fence is an investment in security and beauty. 

Daily, your investment is exposed to the elements. Thus, it is essential to ensure the structural integrity and routine maintenance of your privacy fence. Call an expert fence contractor in your area for a free no-commitment consultation today!


Wood Fences

Now that you have done a rough estimate of how much and where to put your privacy fence you will need to figure out what kind of fence material you want. Of course, breezy, maintenance-free vinyl can be tempting, or the durability of aluminum. However, there is just something about the fine grain of wood that gives such unmatched aesthetics. A gorgeous natural fence with wooden grains can knock your socks off.

There is also a timeless appearance you get from privacy fences made of wood. Both rustic, elegant, modern and traditional. If you think you will be able to decide on what kind of wood you want, think again. There are more than sixty thousand species of wood worldwide, with around fifty used commonly for furniture and carpentry. It can seem like a daunting choice. However, selecting a wood with a fence installation expert will help speed up the process. Outdoor living spaces work best with common types of wood in your area and you can discuss the cost with professional fence contractors in your area for great results.

Wood fences that are maintained well can last 15 to 30 years, depending on environmental conditions, quality of wood, and width of the wood. 

Wood fences are available in many durable varieties of wood including cypress, pine, redwood, cedar and a variety of tropical hardwood. This type of fence not only looks great, but it also adds a cozy, warm touch to your home exterior. Plus, it is the most environmentally friendly choice.

Not all wooden privacy fences are the same. The most common wood used for building a privacy fence is cypress, cedar, and pine. Cypress and cedar costs are a bit more than lower-quality pine wood.

• A Pine Wood Privacy Fence

The least expensive material for fencing is pine. If you don’t want to go beyond a set budget or made an arrangement to split the bill with a neighbor, pine is the fence to get. This is a pressure-treated wood category which means that fungus and pests won’t be attracted by the synthetic chemicals that the wood was treated with. 

As a result, if you notice a tint of lime green at some angles, this is the pressure treatment and it does fade with time. You can always paint your pinewood fence with clear wood varnish to enhance its already gorgeous appearance. The lifespan of pine is about fifteen years, with cedar’s longevity being twice that.

• A Redwood Privacy Fence

High rollers that live in the USA choose redwood. It is the most expensive material for fencing in the United States. The reason is that you can only harvest redwood after fifty years. The rouge, eye-catching color does not fail to impress both the neighbors and the visitors. 

There are similar insecticidal properties to redwood and cedar but there is more tannin in redwood, so it will resist rot better than cedar. It is also stronger and thus, in the long run, the most expensive wood fence in the USA may turn out to be the least expensive. Very little upkeep and long replacement times make it a great fit for a long term investment for your home.

• A Teak Privacy Fence

Besides redwood, teak is also used to build privacy fences even if this is a bit more pricey than other options. The reason is that along with redwood, teak is more eye-catching and increases the value of your home aesthetically compared to all other wood. This is the primary advantage, even if you need to treat teak and redwood or stain it to avoid it turning gray from sun exposure and aging. 

Aside from staining and painting a wooden privacy fence, apply a waterproofing sealant to protect against the weather. This should happen every two years using clear products. Of course, if you want a pigmented sealant, that is up to you. Installing teak and redwood is worth it because there is nothing that can quite compare to the natural luster and softness of the wood. 

Since these wood types are expensive. fences made of teak and redwood are usually limited to smaller areas such as around pools, spas, and other enclosures. These types of wood can resist warping, shrinking, decay and insects naturally, just like cedar does. To maintain their original color, a light sanding before applying the sealant of your choice is highly recommended.

• A Cedar Privacy Fence

Cedar is considered the king of backyard fences for privacy. Like redwood, it is known for looking great, has fewer knots, tight grain and lasts long. It never shrinks or warps. It resists insects and decay. As treated wood, it won’t be impervious to decay, however. 

This wood will rot after a few decades. If you decide to build a cedar privacy fence, the recommendation is to secure this on treated wood fence posts or a concrete base. Planks made of cedar can be customized to create various styles including lattice-tops and saddle backs.

Though DIY-friendly, it is a better idea to call a professional to get this installed for you with the least amount of fuss. Plus, you won’t ever have to second-guess whether you are doing things right or not with a professional installer. 

This fence will weather to a silvery-gray and will need occasional replacements of its planks. For long-lasting protection and color, a penetrating sealant needs to be applied immediately after the fence is installed and each year thereafter.

Again, like all other fences, wood fences need a certain degree of maintenance. Wood does turn gray if you don’t seal it correctly. Prevent staining by using fasteners that don’t stain. When you get a wooden fence professionally installed, you need to apply water-repellent sealers that contain a wood preservative. Stained, painted wood needs to be repainted or scraped every couple of years. 

A professional installer will give you all the care tips you need for your wood fence to last forever.

Some recommendations are that cedar should be used for the fence pickets as this is more durable and pine be used for the posts. This is because decay-resistant, treated pine performs better when installed within the ground. At the same time, the effects of rainy weather and sunshine are resisted by cedar. Pine fence posts cost lower than cedar posts so for a huge project, it is more cost-effective to use pine posts and cedar pickets combined.

• Privacy Fences Made Of Treated Wood

Planks or chemically and pressure-treated wooden pickets are popular selections for structures outdoors such as pergolas, decks, gazebos and more. These are assembled in a fence-like row and give you a wallet-friendly cost for complete privacy. Plus, this type does not look bad at all. 

This option is more economical when it comes to privacy fencing and is a perfect choice for when you just want fence posts inserted into the garden. Remember, treated wood is moisture and insect resistant. There is a tendency to twist and warp after a month of being installed.

To control warping, planks need to be individually hand-picked from the lumberyard by a professional rather than you get them shipped to your home in a bundle. Look for planks which are straight and skip anything that looks damp or green. Anything that looks damp or green means they just arrived from the manufacturer and still have some drying to do, which means their size may change. Replace warped planks for a better look as these warp with time. 

Regardless of what kind of privacy fence you pick, your best bet for great results will always be a professional installation from experienced fence contractors.

The overall cost of installing a wooden privacy fence will depend on the height, shape, and length of the fence. Fence height will affect the overall cost of your privacy fence installation. Remember, however, that the cost of your fence is a one-time cost if it is installed properly and the succeeding years will only require minor maintenance. Assess how long and high you want your fence to be. 

If you have a dog, a six-foot fence should suffice. Digging beneath the fence can be thwarted by installing a bar for reinforcements. Prying neighbors and road noise can be minimized by installing eight-foot fencing. Call a reliable, well-recommended professional to assess your lot topography.

• Bamboo Privacy Fences

Bamboo fences look gorgeous and exotic at the same time. They are becoming more and more popular as they are the most environmental type of fence. Just like hardwood floors, a bamboo fence looks warm and inviting and yet classy at the same time. 

There are rolled bamboo, bamboo cane, and live bamboo. Rolled bamboo poles are linked together and rolled. Your professional installer would then unroll this and install it along your perimeter. 

There is hardly any maintenance as bamboo is weather-proof. Plus, unlike live bamboo trees, you won’t need to keep pruning your bamboo fence.

Electric Privacy Fences

An invisible electric field is used for electric fences. This means a wire is placed into a dug up trench on the homeowner’s perimeter. A wire is then placed and a battery-powered signal receiver on the collar of pets. The receiver warns animals with a high pitched noise that it is near the electric fence. If the animal crosses the fence the collar gives the pet a slight electric shock, which some animal groups, homeowners or even you, may be against.

Chain-link Privacy Fences

Often, chain link fences are the most affordable fencing choice of them all. This works superbly in keeping pets and kids inside your yard and unwanted people outside. However, these fences are not that tall and thus, not one hundred percent secure. 

The chain link gaps in the wire also don’t give you a tremendous amount of privacy. You can add privacy with plants, vines, and some creativity, of course,

A chain-link fence performs the basic functions of a fence but won’t add much privacy to your home. School administrators and homeowners will love the fact that these are quite affordable. A chain-link fence needs minimal to no maintenance and is quite durable. 

Many times, homeowners add privacy slates, vines, flowers and shrubs on to the fence to block the view and increase the privacy factor. With a little bit of creativity, homeowners can create a beautiful fence with one hundred percent privacy using a chain-link fence.

Again, the links won’t do much for privacy but these do offer security adequate for children and pets at a comparably lower cost. chain link fences are among the least costly among all the available options for privacy fencing. For this reason, larger rural yards make this their fence of choice among all the other fence options.

Aside from being very practical, homeowners save money by the easy set-up done by your professional installer as it does not take too much time to stretch the mesh links between the installed top rail and posts. Where there are mesh link junctions, corrosion can occur. 

This can be prevented and you can also opt to upgrade to a chain-link fence coated in vinyl.

A Composite Privacy Fence

Plastic polymers combined with wooden fibers compose a composite fence. These fences provide a look that looks just like wood without the tendency to degrade from rot or insects. 

The combined qualities of substance and style will be a bit more expensive than cedar or vinyl in both installation and material. Just like fences made of vinyl, this type of fence will require precise professional fence installation. 

Since the quality of the material can vary, exploring your options and purchasing your fence orders from a reputable installation company will enable you to enjoy your gorgeous wood-like fence in no time at all. These types of fences only require an occasional plain-water spray to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl makes a great alternative for other fence types since these hold up better than wooden fences. Vinyl does not peel or rot and though you might spend a little bit more in the beginning, this type lasts longer. It stands up to elements of the weather and won’t need much maintenance. It looks similar to a wood fence without the sealant requirements.

You can get the privacy you want while keeping kids and pets inside the yard with a vinyl fence. These days, there are a million designs to choose from. Take your time choosing the vinyl fence of your dreams knowing that this is going to be a hassle-free, stress-free experience. Professional fence contractors in your area can point out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fence installation for your convenience.

Vinyl fences are more flexible and yet stronger than wood fences. It resists pain and is maintenance-free. Thus, you won’t have to worry about graffiti or unwanted staining. To clean vinyl fences, use soap and a hose. Vinyl fence installations have higher costs upfront but when you divide the cost to its lifespan, it comes out extremely affordable in the long run.

Having been around for a few years, vinyl is somewhat new compared to all the other types of privacy fences. Earlier versions of vinyl fences tend to sage, yellow or become brittle. The newer versions, however, feature more styles and heights plus more durability to withstand the elements that older vinyl could not.

When it comes to thicker gauge, width, and quality, vinyl does look best over time. Some even come with a guarantee that lasts a lifetime. Installation needs to be accurate and precise for best results. A professional installer will be able to install your privacy fence without a hitch. Once the installation is complete, this fence is maintenance-free. Perfect for busy bodies with much better things to do than to repaint the entire fence!

PVC Privacy Fences

PVC fences are the cheapest method of fencing your yard. This type of fencing replaces wooden pickets and stakes with PVC. Even if PVC is lighter than wrought iron or wood, it does serve a purpose. 

You can add stability to wood when you insert PVC sleeves on top of wood posts. PVC helps to cut down the cost of material since you use less wood in the process. 

Some homeowners use PVC stakes that are fastened with screws. Others use the kind that adheres to crossbars with an adhesive tape. There are various colors and heights to choose from. Most importantly, PVC can resist the elements throughout the years.


Aluminum Privacy Fences

Aluminum is one of the most attractive and basic fences to install. Even if it does not provide as much security as other types of fences, it doesn’t look any different from other fence types and may be exactly what you are looking for in terms of keeping up appearances and cost. Also, it is maintenance-free. 

The only maintaining that you need to do when it comes to aluminum fencing is when you decide to decorate or paint it when it first gets installed.

Concrete Privacy Fences

Stone, block, brick, stucco or concrete create a stately home exterior, with a matching stately cost. These blocks require professional installation and are pricey. Because of how much blocks weight, fences made of masonry need a footing structure poured the depth in which groundwater freezes in winter, also known as the frost line. Many installers mix other types of fencing materials with masonry, such as wood or wrought iron.

This saves on cost and enhances the design. Poured concrete and block fences require reinforcements made of steel. Fences made of bricks feature blocks or concrete inner fences with the exterior being only brick veneer. In time, there needs to be a re-balancing of the fence as the mortar joints in brick and stone fences can get loose. Consult your privacy fence installer for best results.

Wrought Iron Privacy Fences

All metal fences are custom made. You can select the style you want and can use this for years. there are examples of wrought iron fences that have been around for centuries. Extremely sturdy and durable, these can be restored by sandblasting, wire brushing or hand-scraping.

There are unlimited variations you can choose from. Even if these are durable, wrought iron fences will flake or rust after being unused for many years. Applying clear linseed oil or a liquid wax coat periodically will help preserve the brand new look of a wrought iron fence. Use soapy water to rinse occasionally. Steel wool can remove rust.

The design ranges from contemporary to classic when it comes to wrought iron fencing. There are even ways you can match the design to your home exterior. For example, a Mediterranean-style home can have fleur-de-lys type wrought iron designs for the privacy fence. 

There is a reason that wrought iron has withstood centuries of change and that is because they are durable in the extreme. Usually, a wrought-iron fence is custom made to fit your property specifically. It can include intricate patterns depending on what you want.

Just remember you are going to have to live with the design of your choice forever, so choose wisely and take your time. 

Newer options for wrought iron and metal privacy fences include steel fences, aluminum, and cast iron. These fences are rust-proof but do require a spray-on or brush-on treatment when they begin showing signs of corrosion.

Barbed Wire Privacy Fence

Strictly functional, barbed wire fences do not have any aesthetic appeal. However, they do keep natural predators out and livestock safely within. The affordable, simple standard design is enough for landowners to fence acres and acres of land throughout the property perimeter. Three strands of barbed wire strung tightly between T-posts made of metal do a great job.

When you install heftier steel posts or wood, this can support the stretched wire tension. Before installing, keep in mind that this type of fence is prohibited for most communities and is limited for use in rural areas only. Re-stretch the wire at one point or another when you see livestock as leaned on some parts of the fence.

Farm Privacy Fences

Ideal for diving farmland into different pastures, woven wire fences are used on farms. Unwanted animals can be contained without blocking the view. Galvanized wires are used for making the fence, as this type remains sturdy against the elements. Animals won’t lean against your fence if you add one barbed wire strand to the top.

Farm fences won’t apply to every individual but do play an important role across the states. Farmers have options including high tensile, woven, barbed or electric wires. Given the extensive land that this type of fence needs to cover, it will cost more than the square feet that a residence occupies. The manpower to cover acres will also be costly.

Privacy Fence Installation Add-Ons

Fence toppers, post caps, and latticework are popular items you can add on to your privacy fence installation. This gives your privacy fence flair and individuality. Latticework and fence panels are more expensive but do add the most style and height to your fence. In general, the more intricate the design, the more expensive the paneling.

Fence toppers and post caps are more affordable depending on the number and type used for your installation. You can even illuminate your fence solar-powered post caps, which was not available in the past.

Toppers for your fence also include railings for the fence top to exude an appearance of being more organized. The cost is generally a few dollars more depending on the width, length, and type of wood you want. Get a polished-looking privacy fence when you add beam-ends. Pre-assembled panels of lattice or lattice fence topping are some alternatives.

It is more expensive to install longer fences and extra costs if these are rectangular, square or polygonal. The reason is that there is going to be more labor and hardware required. When thinking about how much a project costs, these things need to be considered.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Making an informed choice by gathering as much information as you can before jumping in and making a final decision is the more advisable path to take. You will need to live with the fence of your choice year after year. The good news is that a fence is always an added asset, increasing the value of your home, making this a good investment.

Plus, the added security you get from something that actually adds value to your home is an advantage that cannot be emphasized enough. Just like everything else, adding in a privacy fence installation done by certified professional fence installation company to your home will be a final decision only you can make. The color choices, material, height, width and length will be up to your discretion.

You can of course discuss every option and make better-informed decisions when you discuss this with an experienced, well-recommended fence contractor that has all the right certifications, training and years of experience. This will guarantee you end up with a privacy fence that does its double duty of giving you privacy and still looks aesthetically perfect, a real asset to your home in more ways than one.


No two fences are alike and knowing different types of privacy fences for your property will help you decide what to install or what you want to replace your existing fence with. The kind of privacy fence you select plays a huge role in the exterior curb appeal of your home. It can increase the value of your property. There are so many advantages to having a professional install a privacy fence around your home or business. 

Not only do you get a sense of comfort and security, but you also get so much more privacy as well. Whether you decide on wrought iron, chain link or wood, your sense of well-being will increase. In today’s unpredictable times, adding a privacy fence as a safety measure done by expert fence contractors is the smart choice to make.